Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why Kenya?

Our trip to Africa began back in March of this year (2007). Mike and Linda Buus were in town to give Christ Community an update on the progress of the Bible DVDs that were being created by the DOOR (Deaf Opportunity OutReach) staff in Nairobi. Several community groups got together to host a potluck dinner for them, and my daughters and I ended up sitting with the Buuses. As we talked I mentioned that I had some experience with video and would be interested in lending my expertise to the project. Mike said I should come to Nairobi with him in December for the graduation celebration and to make a new DVD to show to churches in the US that will explain the need and tell how to get involved with DOOR.

I told him I'd pray about it.

A couple months later, after praying about it nearly every day, I emailed Mike and asked if he still wanted me to come to Africa. He said yes, so I talked to Moriah and asked if she might ever want to travel with me on a short term missions trip - hypothetically, of course. She said she would, so I emailed Mike again, asking what he thought about bringing my 10 year old daughter, who has a real heart for missions, along with me. He answered "we'd love to have her come and, I think, she would too! It would be a life-changing experience for her!"

Next I approached our missions board, and they approved our trip, as did the elders at Christ Community. We wrote our support letter which went out at the beginning of November, and God richly supplied well beyond the $5,000 of expenses we expect to have. This allowed us to purchase 20 personal DVD players to give to each of the graduating deaf pastors/missionaries so that they can take the Bible on DVD back to their own countries. 10 of them are packed in our 4 suitcases, carefully wrapped in blankets made by my daughters' Reach Out club that are being donated to 1st Love International. (10 are traveling with Mike and Linda.)

Thank you to all who have partnered with us financially. Your gifts are truly being multiplied for the Kingdom!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture :)

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you every day. May God use you mightily.

Mark and Moriah said...

Thank you so much for your prayers - they are what will carry us through.

God bless!