Friday, December 14, 2007

Back in Chicago

After a nightmare connection in London, we made it back to the states. At Heathrow Airport, if you stay in Terminal 4 you can take two carry-ons per person. Unfortunately our flight to Chicago left from Terminal 3. So we had to check two carry-ons (at no charge, the one piece of good news we heard in that airport).

Also, our new friend Jenna's flight was delayed, and even if everything had gone smoothly for us it is doubtful we would have been able to meet up with her. I am sure we will have another chance to meet sometime.

Everything has gone smoothly in Chicago. Our flight out is delayed abit, but that gave us some extra time to get through customs, and pick up our two carry-ons so we have them in our possession again (one had a video camera and my shotgun mic).

We'll be in the air on the way to Tucson soon. There is more to report and more pictures to post as well.

God is good - thank you all for your prayers!

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