Saturday, December 8, 2007

First Love

Today we spent time with Tom Clinton of First Love International. We began by visiting the Raila Education Center in the Kibera Slum. First Love has a feeding program for the school there, and has also built a girls' home that currently houses 8 orphaned girls.

Moriah and Baby.jpg

Visiting the Kibera slum was surreal. It was almost like visiting a movie set. The poverty was so immense it was impossible to get my head around. The slum stretches on and on, and there is a constant stream of people. The shacks and shanties are packed in tight.


Filth and waste are everywhere, and a train track runs right through the middle of it all.

Train track in Kibera

After a quick tour of the slum, we went to the outskirts and I videotaped Tom giving an introduction to the new video First Love is creating for their new project: Operation Hope. He had taped an introduction in his office back in Rockford, IL, but he was excited to be able to do it on location, and give a real feel for the need.

Mark tapes Tom

Then it was off to Karen to tour and video the 5 acres of property where First Love is building facilities to house 160 orphans, school 400 children, give them vocational training.

We also brought many blankets, hats, scarves, mittens and more to donate to the orphans. These were all made by the Reach Out ministry.

Girls with their donations

It was a whirlwind day, and there is so much more to say, but I am tired and going to bed.

We continue to thank you for your prayers - they have upheld us all throughout the trip. And it is a blessing to me to know that you are praying!


Pam and Sandra Clark said...

The people modeling the Reach Out gifts look so beautiful and happy.They are such thoughtful gifts.Moriah looks happy,too.Love Pam and Sandra Clark

Anonymous said...

We can't even comprehend living like that. How heart breaking. You and Moriah are taking wonderful photos and more importantly the Gospel.
We will be praying for your safe trip home.
Julie & Alyssa Weitkuhn