Friday, December 7, 2007


One of the books I brought with me to read through is a compilation of letters written in the 17th Century by a man named Fenelon. They were written to members of the Court of Louis the 14th to encourage them to "live a life of true spirituality in the midst f a court life that was shamelessly immoral." The book is called Let Go: Living by the cross and by faith, and contains great encouragement on every page.

Here are a few quotes that stood out to me:

"Humility is good in every situation because it produces that teachable spirit which makes everything easy."

"When we are careful to instantly let go of all needless worries and restless thoughts (self-centered thoughts rather than loving, outgoing ones) then we shall find ourselves on plateaus of peace....walking in the freedom and innocent peace of the children of God."

"The Kingdom of God began at Calvary. The cross was a neccesity. When we pick up the cross of Jesus and bear it in love to Him, His Kingdom has begun in us."

"We must remember that pain is only felt where there is life, and where there is life is just the place where death is needed." (discussing the need to die to self)

"He wants you to live abundantly, but this can only be accomplished by allowing Him to cut into that fleshly part of you which is still stubbornly clinging to life."

"Why be so concerned about dried up streams when rivers of living water are so available?"

"If you will learn to be honest and simple in your desires, I think you will be more pleasing to God than if you were to suffer a hundred martyrdoms."

The theme of the book thus far seems to be humility and simplicity, letting go of the worries and trivialities of life that satan uses to distract and torment us. We can get so caught up in kicking ourselves, or figuring out how to be more effective, that we lose sight of what our focus needs to be, and satan has won again.

I am coming to realize that there is only so much we can do anyway - what's done is done - and we just need to move on and do the next thing. We should learn from our mistakes - see the first quote on the relationship between humility and teachability - and then move on.

This should serve me well as I am very much out of my element in many ways here in Africa, but I am ready to learn and excited to see what God has for me.

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